At Kuk Sool of Davenport, we are proud of our students and feel that they benefit in so many ways from the environment that Martial Arts Training provides.  However, you don’t have to take our word for it.  Below, you can read what students and parents of students have to say about the ways Kuk Sool of Davenport have benefited them.


"We want to thank you for your continued dedication to training our daughter. She has learned so much and blossomed into such a good person. This is due, in large part, to you and Kuk Sool.

We look forward to the next five years and her continued training. She is still so enthusiastic after all of this time --- that really says something!" - Ann & Tim Miller

“We want to thank you for the leadership, coaching and friendship you have shown Connor and Paige over the past year. Kuk Sool of Davenport is such a great place to be a part of. The minute we walk in the door we feel welcomed.

It is truly evident that the instructors at Kuk Sool of Davenport are dedicated towards making every participant strive to do their best. Teaching them to be a leader and giving them the confidence it takes to succeed. The way you are always providing positive feedback gives them a great sense of achievement.

At Kuk Sool of Davenport the main focus is self defense but there is also an emphasis on fitness. The kids have a much higher endurance level as well as better flexibility and balance. They are learning the importance of exercise and how it affects your spirit, mind and body.

The kids have also learned that it takes dedication and a lot of practice to keep progressing. They are committed to continuing to advance their skills and education at Kuk Sool. One of the most valuable parts of Kuk Sool is the last 5 minutes of class where you reinforce the importance of good behavior, practice and commitment. These are great life lessons that are helping to pave the path to a happy and successful future.
Thank you so much to the wonderful instructors at Kuk Sool for your tireless efforts and dedication towards a bright future for our children. “  - Josh and Becky Garetson